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Float Switch

The Chamber is constructed of non-magnetic materials, as well as the process connections which mate with those of the tank, vessel or other equipment where (omit the) level is to be measured.

The Float is engineered and located inside the Chamber. It is sized and weighted to the specific gravity of the process fluid to be measured. The float contains a 360° Magnetic Assembly which generates a strong uniform magnetic circuit. The magnetic FluxLines generated by the float interlocks with the level indicator.

Details in Technical Specifications.

The hermetically sealed Level Indicator, the Wide-FlagT or Tracker Style, contains its own magnetic assemblies which interlock with the float through the Chamber, therefore providing a strong and reliable design. As the Float moves with the changes in the liquid level, the magnetic attraction between the Indicator and Float will ensure that the Indicator will track the position of the float exactly and thus, the liquid level is measured precisely. Our patented indicators are the widest (1/3/8" vs 5/8") on the market.

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