Magnetic Floats

The Float is engineered and located inside the Chamber. It is sized and weighed to the specific gravity of the process fluid to be measured. The float contains a 360° Magnetic Assembly which generates a strong uniform magnetic circuit. The magnetic Flux Lines generated by the float interlocks with the indicator. The hermetically sealed Indicator, the Wide Flag® or Wide Tracker® Style, contains its own magnetic assemblies which interlock with the float through the Chamber, providing a strong and reliable design. As the Float moves with the changes in the liquid level, the magnetic attraction between the Indicator and Float will ensure that the Indicator will track the position of the float exactly and the liquid level is measured precisely.

When designing the magnetic circuit between the float and indicator there are many considerations other than just how strong the magnets are in the float. The Mag-Gage® level gauges have undergone extensive testing to produce a rigid and high performance design. With a unique construction the indication performs under the most demanding conditions such as high/low temperatures, vibrations, even schedule 160 chambers. Our patented solid magnet Wide Flag® design not only provides highly visible indication but provides a powerful connection with the float. The reliability and repeatability of the Mag-Gage® float and indicator combination is unmatched.

  • All floats are engineered to the specific operating conditions of each application.
  • Shell is constructed of stainless steel, titanium, hasteloy, monel, CPVC, PVDF (Kynar), or any other non-magnetic material.
  • Magnetic circuit is made of a series of Alnico magnets to provide a light yet effective connection.
  • We can handle the highest pressures in the industry with no oversized, pressurized or vented floats. Pressurized floats can be a safety concern and can leak over time.
  • PLT uses solid engineering to conquer the demands of high pressures and low gravities.

CPVC Float

Kynar Float

Titanium High Pressure Float

High Pressure Interface Float with Field Adjustable Weight

Coated Float for Corrosive Process

Standard Stainless Steel Float

The Carbon Fiber Float ® (Patented)